Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jenkins Family - Idaho Falls Photographer

The Carnival - Blackfoot Idaho Model Photographer

Thanks to the Southeast Idaho Fair for the venue.  

And to the scary carneys and creepy fair goers who said the most inappropriate things- you remind me why I leave the modeling job to the models.  And what a bunch of gorgeous ones they were!

Model: Kayla Nelson
HMUA: Jaime Shippen

Model: Brittney Van
HMUA: Jaime Shippen

Model: Makyley Laurence
Hair: Whitney Wellard
Makeup: Kasey Marcum and Jordan Scott

Models: Jordan Scott and Kasey Marcum
Makeup: Jordan Scott and Kasey Marcum
Hair: Davian Whitaker
Dresses: Hart's Tux & Gowns

Model: Chloe Barnes
Hair: Hannah Dunkley
Makeup: Kasey Marcum and Jordan Scott

Model: Zoe Borstelman
Hair: Whitney Wellard
Makeup: Jaime Shippen

Blakely Family - Rigby Idaho Photographer

L. Barnes Family - Idaho Falls Photographer

N. Barnes Family - Idaho Falls Photographer

Blonquist Family - Island Park Idaho Photographer

I love that I get to claim this large clan as part of my family. It is the first time they've had EVERYONE in one place and able to get a picture in 10 years!

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